Tell a True Story

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I knew I had the right story for my comic when I realized I had too much fun. I first read Tim O’brien’s The Things They Carried in my junior year of high school and initially hated it. I didn’t like his weak character and wasn’t fond of hearing anything from him. However, I did understand his points and perspectives on the different “truths” we have. So following the prompt, I followed his style of a story that has some truth but not necessarily the reality I faced. As such, I generalized the experience so that any reader could apply it to a night out they might have had.

On the spectrum of telling the truth, I think this comic is closest to Spiegelman’s work because it generalizes people with stick figures and communicates the general idea better than factual accuracy.

I think the most striking and important element is the black box. It tells the reader that there is a gap in the sequence of events and allows the reader to fill it in with their own imagination.



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